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A Real High Priest

...[T]he fact that there really is a real High Priest is amazing....

Greetings High Priest and Royal Sisterhood,

Keeping up with no news/sports/opinion/entertainment as much as feasable. Going "Cold Turkey".

Earlier tonight, a local football coach, an adult solarized male, came soliciting at my apartment door for donations for his youth football program. As we got talking, I was sharing about Christopher Columbus and the Tainos, which got his attention. Then I showed him the Benu 3 book, and your picture on the back. He agreed that it was unusual for a 'white' dude giving this kind of sacred information to a 'black' dude. He agreed that you practiced "Be fruitful and multiply".

He said he would call me back, and I told him that in all my years, only one person ever did, and he would be the second. Well, sure enough, he called back, as he said he would. He wants to get started reading the Benu 3 book this weekend....

I talked to him about dairy and meat, and that the 'white' folks had the Darwinian natural selection, killing off the 'white' folks who could not tolerate dairy or meat, so the remaining survivers can tolerate it, but the black folks don't have that history, so they get the diseases worse than the 'white' folks. That resonated with him.

Anyway, I'm picking up a Benu Book 3 this Friday night, and will deliver the book to the coach on Saturday.

Hitting bottom on Saturday like that was a blessing. You are what you consume, so if you consume news, sports, entertainment, opinions, etc., then that is what will multiply, and your focus will not be where it should be.

High Priest, you are very patient with me. For now, it is up to me to turn this new behaviour into a habit, so that it is just how I live. Now, I don't wake up asking what percentage raw I will eat today. I know it will be 100%. I know that if I remove enough triggers, that I/Self/Seth won't shoot myself at point blank range....

After knowing you for 13 years, the fact that there really is a real High Priest is amazing. I don't understand the necessity for such a harsh lesson involving the Energy that is Opposite of Supreme Love that was so destructive of mass solarized populations, but here I am, and moving forward.

Also recall you giving a talk and mentioned that warnings were given to the Northbound populations to come back South, but these warnings were ignored. As of the second reading of the Benu Book 3, have not seen this mentioned in the book. (Yes, I know. Commentary only after third reading).

Brother Steinberg 

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