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...the most helpful and on point book that I have read in over 20 years...

To: kwatamani
Date: Jul 28, 2013 11:00 AM

Divine Greetings,

I just finished consuming Benu Book 3. Whoa! Wow! Exhale. This is the most helpful and on point book that I have read in over 20years of being on the cultural, new age, self help scene. This almost leaves me speechless due to the degree of clarity inside. I have read all the other texts by the High Priest, and I didn't believe the Sister in the You Tube High Priest Kwatamani clip that this text was nine times more intense. Well it is! Once again, the High Priest answered my deepest questions and provided so much clarity and common sense reasoning. From tracking our history in the most thorough and comprehensive way, so that it is immediately comprehended "where do we go from here?" The honest elder forwards a blunt communication on sexuality and homosexuality. He forwards a discussion how our sexuality has been violated and misused by a conquering culture, and how we have misused our sexuality--twisted up in a mindset so imbedded that we are now killing and sacrificing ourselves with our misappropriation of the precious energy and act that got us here-- totally taken out of it's whole, healthy, life continuing context!

We have been so traumatized that I reason we just stopped believing that anything else is possible. Being hustled, sold, and exploited by governments, for trade, exploited by capitalists, religious poverty pimps, new age hustlers, "free the people" hustlers, and "holistic" and yogi hustlers. It's all enough to cause jadedness, overwhelm, helplessness, and resignation", and just plain old ,"why even bother-- screw it!"

I really am beginning to comprehend something that the High Priest says all the time. There is a tremendous "need to detox and purge" (and the other part--"with an ancestral spirit presence surge!" Without detoxing the attitudes and values that cause us to act out violently, out of order, disconnected, what the heck would make us think that we are doing anything other than abstaining temporarily from foul behavior, or merely making empty statements and declarations about change--though with no real intention or commitment to whole life change? Light Bulb! The comprehension is what has been missing! The commitment demonstrated through our every actions has been missing! How is it we don't get that if we are disgusted with Trayvonn, and Emmitt Till-- stop participating in the game! That's where the comprehension that the High Priest provides comes in. Knowing what to eat and how to eat it and why has been missing! A whole living example minus the macho chest thumping and rhetoric has been missing.

Since reading the texts, I have gotten so much into researching the footnotes and references of where a lot of the information is coming from. I even went to the Bible to see if those passages relating to slaughtering males, and capturing the young women to keep for themselves (the conquerors) was in there. I thought, "no way!". Though it was there plain to see. I wondered if people are really reading that Bible with any common sense and all the way through!

I enjoyed how the High Priest brought the text full circle with a discussion of the raw and living foods and their application (and particularly how they relate to healthy sexual functioning- within a wholistic context with a purpose).


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