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Divine Consumption

Divine Consumption


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In order for one to move forward into a deeper phase of divine spirit conscious thought and reasoning, one must begin to comprehend the connection between one's mental, physical and spiritual consumption patterns. First of all, one must determine the kind and type of movement that one desires. One can move forward within the death-consumption culture to a higher level of learning, a higher social economic class, to a greater degree of political and religious status as a capitalist, socialist, anarchist or communist, under Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Yoruba, Santeria, Akan, Satanism, New Age, or atheism, and so forth and so on. One can move forward into toxicity, move forward in that idealized relationship where he or she appears to be so enticing, so sexy, alluring and desirable in his or her stylish fashions, move forward into the downward spiral of the toxic parallel, move forward to the dead end of that linear line. Whatever is your individualized or collective combination of forward movement within the death culture, this is not the forward movement that we are speaking of here....

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