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Divine Union

Divine Union


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The High Priest Kwatamani has touched upon a subject that draws an immediate reaction from both Man, He and She. There are so many taboos, so much confusion and so many hidden hang-ups regarding one's sexual expression that often there is little open communication, even less honesty, and few opportunities for self-healing. The High Priest Kwatamani is coming with a delicate and dynamic look at the essence of masculinity and femininity that challenges many misconceptions about the spirituality of sexuality. Oh, what we have been missing, and how much there is yet to experience within a divine spirit conscious encounter. There is still time to re-connect and regain one's natural and innate expression within the intense and profoundly stimulating vibrations and sensations of whole life energy.

...Sisters seeking a fulfilling, secure and long-lasting relationship with a responsible and caring brother and brothers seeking a supportive and nurturing relationship with an emotionally stable and appreciative sister have very few places to turn. And those who have a respect for their body temple and maintain a level of health-conscious consumption, body fitness, and personal hygiene, while enjoying the essence of their masculinity and femininity are very, very few, indeed.

What can the High Priest Kwatamani tell grown folk about reaching a greater intensity in their sexual energies, and how does this fit within a family community order that honors matehood while securing the generation next?

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