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Forward Multiplication of Divinity

Forward Multiplication of Divinity


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...[B]efore we can even begin to talk about the forward multiplication of divinity in every offspringing vibration, we must gain a greater comprehension regarding the current consciousness that is adversely affecting the masculine and feminine presence and what is actually being multiplied within the lives and the relationships of the mass majority of Man, He and She, upon the planet.

We must be realistic about the severe damage and widespread devastation that this kind and type of consciousness continues to manifest. What we must comprehend is that this severely damaging consciousness derives from the toxic disorder of consuming of the energy that is opposite of Supreme Love and the Essence of Life. Once consumed, this toxic energy intrudes upon and invades the conscious thought and reasoning of Man, He and She, replacing divine spirit consciousness with mind consciousness. This kind and type of multiplication has been passed on from parent to child and then from child to child until the children grow into parents and pass on a more depleted and destabilized level and degree of consciousness into the generation next....

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