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Reclaiming Divine Spirit Conscious Connection

Reclaiming Divine Spirit Conscious Connection


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"The warning came before, but the Children did not comprehend. And the warning comes again as the cycle of the cold-blooded opposite energy comes to an end."

The Soothsayer Speaks, 12th Hour Prophecy: The Pale Curse and the Solarized Energy Shift

The High Priest Kwatamani goes into detail about our true divine spiritual nature and origin, the Divine Laws of whole life energy, and how to reconnect with one's divine spirit conscious self by humbling oneself to the divine laws of universal order. The High Priest Kwatamani also exposes the true nature of the energy that is opposite of the Essence of Life and Supreme Love. In this time of divine intervention, voice your choice. Re-align within the circle of whole life energy, learn your lessons, retrieve your blessings and move back into the Divine Union of One. Or continue to suffer the consequences, the aches and the pains of being entrapped within the intensifying downward spiral of lust, lies, illusions, confusion, death and deadly destruction within the toxic parallel all the way to its dead end.

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