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Emerging Into Divine Social Economic Family Community: Getting Down to the Real Nitty Gritty


Every day the I in I watch my sons and daughters enjoying the coconuts, mangoes, pineapples, avocado, mamey, sour sops and other tropical fruits as well as the cultivated green leafy garden delights. When the I in I think of the patience and care that it has taken to plant thousands of fruit-bearing trees for future generations, the I in I realize the kind of patience and care that it continues to require in order to cultivate the emergence of a natural and innate divine social economic family community order....

When the I in I reflect on the entire Kwatamani royal family, consuming whole life energy as a way of life, celebrating with the tones of drumbeats, singing and dance, it causes the I in I to push just a little harder with a sacred ancestral spirit surge for this emergence of divine social economic family community order to be seen by the Sacred Few. Every day as the I in I join the Kwatamani Royal Sisterhood in watching our sons and daughters as they grow and mature in the glorious radiance of whole life energy it becomes even clearer that unless there is a resurrecting ancestral spirit surge to de-tox and purge for a Sacred Few, there will be no mates for these sons and daughters except those depleted and devitalized remnants of masculine and feminine presence who idolize and worship the death culture of paleness.

Every day the I in I reflect on the mothers and the stages and phases of de-toxing and purging that are necessary to remove the hurt and harm that has been inflicted upon the feminine presence by the disciples and followers of the pale mental mindset. And then in the midst of the de-toxing and purging, any offspring born off of or associated with such masculine and feminine relationships are exposed to the residue and remnants of the toxic overload. Added to all of this, is the need for a tight-knit protection system for the family units and offspring to filter out those individuals who may have good intentions in the midst of momentary enthusiasm that soon turns into the "been there, done that" syndrome. We must get down to the real nitty gritty of divine spirit-conscious thought and reasoning regarding divine social-economic family-community order.

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