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Divine Clarity

I know that many more of my questions will have the light of divine clarity shed on them.

I am breathing thru the Introduction and Table of Contents of this new Benu Book 3 put forth by the High Priest Kwatamani. My breath is taken away, and then I breathe again, and I am ready to dive right in! Though I'm going to pace myself, because I'm underlining much of the Table of Contents. I know that many more of my questions will have the light of divine clarity shed on them. This has been consistent with having the guts to read each text, and it appears that this will be no exception. My wish is that all of those who are seeking a better way of living life, as the descendants and ascendants of this stinky mess that went down on the globe, and the billions of us in every demographic and economic bracket, get their hands on this text.

I can say as a feminine presence, we ain't got no more time for the BS, not if we truly desire to resurrect for real out of this mess. We are so sick and mentally disconnected that it is beyond sad. We arrogantly vascilate and go back and forth between bragging about our trifling disconnected state, and the trinkets and items we have collected, and how we have one upped the next sister to get some superficial attention, without any priority given to our spirit in a whole living life context, or even our or our children's safety. Honestly, I still hold some strings to this toxic thing. And honestly, I am garnering and accessing all the spiritual common sense that I have left to shake my self up. Because, you know, this thang out here just ain't doing it for me anymore. It hasn't for a long time. In my private moments I'm not even in the mood to front it anymore, because intuitively, I know that this is definitely a catalyst for cancer and dementia in later years. Even with the 100% living foods consumption! The disconnected and inability to build and maintain a divine spirit conscious connection- It keeps getting kicked to the back burner for "survival" out here.

I am reading and consuming on.


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