Code Green: Hidden Powers of the Garden Targeting the Immune System (ebook)




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A response to an urgent call for those seeking holistic solutions in these critical times of global crisis…

“We are talking about the holistic living survival of humanity that goes far beyond the divisions of race, sex or religion. This text focuses on providing information regarding consumption of the kind and type of foods that will not only support the healing factors of humanity but also help to strengthen the immune defense system so as to maintain a state of wholesome health and well-being.” p.11

The I in I have been inspired for over 55 years to honor and glorify the magnificence of raw and living fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts by creating some of the most enjoyable, pleasurable, and stimulating live vegan meals imaginable. p.43


  • detailed information on nutritional and healing factors of foods to strengthen body immunity
  • over a hundred beautiful full-color photographs
  • simple and easy to follow, step-by-step recipes and instructions
  • raw food preparation techniques
  • delicious and healing raw vegan dishes and juice combinations


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