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About High Priest Kwatamani

High Priest KwatamaniHigh Priest Kwatamani, a devout naturalist, is the premiere raw and living foodist of his time. Noted internationally for his exquisitely and soulfully delicious raw-and-living-foods cuisine, he is considered as a man of action by those who know him. His position is that one should not speak it unless one is ready to do it 100%. In fact, this renowned sooth-sayer, soul seer, and spiritual healer took action many generations ago to collect his family of followers and re-locate in an off-the-grid way of life within the tropical rain forest jungle.

This path to a remarkable lifestyle began at an early age as the result of the influential teachings of his soothsayer grandparents and great grand-parents. These experiences became further enhanced as he spent precious times within the Malaysian, Southeast Asian and African jungles among the Naga populations of those areas. Although he did not speak the native language that they spoke, he soon found out that the language that expresses a search for higher peace, is, in fact, universal within the ancestral Naga communities.

Thus, he connected with a precious re-membering that eventually unified his ancestral spirit being with the sacred ancestral Ausarian spirit of Naga consciousness. This sacred ancestral spirit presence of masculine energy is what the High Priest Kwatamani now brings forward to the earthly presence of Man, He and She, divinely nurtured through the feminine energy, forwarding the Essence of Life and Supreme Love holistically.

The High Priest Kwatamani has devoted his life energy towards resurrecting the sacred ancestral spirit presence of the Divine Children of the Sun and the Sacred Garden Culture from which we come through divine social-economic family-community order. His principle is that the divine union of masculine and feminine energy between Man, He and She, is the key to multiplying divinity into every offspringing vibration, an absolute necessity for resurrecting a higher-peace consciousness into the next generation.