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Kwatamani Holistic Institute

The Kwatamani Royal Family established the Kwatamani Holistic Institute of Brain Body & Spiritual Research and Development as the educational outreach agency of the Kwatamani Divine Social-Economic Family Community Order.  The Kwatamani Holistic Institute is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization whose focus and purpose is to forward the resurrection of the Divine Children of the Sun and the Sacred Garden Culture from which we come as the original and divine way of life for Man, He and She….

The Institute encourages and promotes a holistic living way of life beginning with the consumption of 100% raw and living fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts (raw and living foods).  This includes sustainable living practices such as veganic gardening, i.e organic plant-based agriculture, rainforest preservation, and the use and cultivation of natural and sustainable/renewable energy sources in these times of earth-shifting change.

Kwatamani Raw and Living Foods Feast
Kwatamani Raw and Living Foods Feast


The Kwatamani Holistic Institute has influenced and assisted thousands of individuals from all walks of life in making affirmative lifestyle and dietary changes to improve their holistic (mental, physical and spiritual) health and well-being.

Kwatamani Holistic Institute booth
Kwatamani Holistic Institute booth at the 2010 International African Arts Festival Brooklyn, NY | Kwatamani Raw and Living Foods on the Move™ project

The Institute is a producer, publisher, distributor, and seller of numerous reference and educational texts and other publications, as well as video and musical productions concerning a holistic living way of life. The Institute also provides classes, workshops, seminars and lectures regarding a holistic living way of life.