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The Sacred Ancestral Temple of Kwa-Ta-Man-I

Sakred Ankestral Temple of KWA TA MAN I
The Sakred Ankestral Temple of KWA TA MAN I (Belize, Central America)

The Sacred Ancestral Temple of KWA TA MAN I is a spiritual organization whose mission is to resurrect the sacred ancestral spirit presence of the Divine Children of the Sun and the Sacred Garden Culture from which we come within a divine social-economic family-community Order.

The Sacred Ancestral Temple serves to preserve the sacred ancestral knowledge, wisdom and comprehension and provide the vital communication link upon the seen for the generations of the Children of the Sun to achieve whole life healing and to reclaim their divinity. Regardless of the divisive categories of race, creed, color or national origin that have emerged upon the Earth, we recognize and honor the unifying presence of the Children of the Sun throughout the planet who all emerged out of the most ancient ancestral culture of Man, He and She, within a tropical rain forest experience as herbivorous consumers of the vegetation and fruits of the trees of life. The Sacred Garden Culture, as manifested within the divine order of earth, wind, rain, and sun and respecting the whole life presence of all living things; is founded upon the divine union of masculine and feminine energy, divine consumption of whole life energy, and the forward multiplication of divinity in every offspringing vibration to complete and maintain the circular mode of life as it has emerged from the Most Supreme Unseen ancestral spirit presence of masculine and feminine energy upon the earthly seen as Man, He and She.

The divine objective of the Sacred Ancestral Temple is advanced through the holistic living energies of divine spirit-conscious thought, reasoning, and action and the teachings thereof to promote spiritual healing. High Priest Kwatamani – supreme soothsayer, soul seer, and spiritual healer – is the Wholly Messenger, Founder and Supreme Spiritual Elder of the Sacred Ancestral Temple of KWA TA MAN I. The present Kwatamani Royal Family serves as the base, root and foundation of divine social economic family community order, established and anointed within the Sacred Ancestral Temple of KWA TA MAN I to serve as the nucleus for carrying out the non-profit-oriented mission of advancing principles, practices and teachings of a holistic living way of life.

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