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Kwatamani Family Community

Harvest Day 2020

The purpose of Kwatamani Family Community, Inc. is the formation of a holistic living family community with the following objectives and purposes

    • establishing a land base wherein the Family Community members reside;
    • building and maintaining housing and other facilities for Family Community members;
    • growing and farming live and fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, grains, herbs, and spices
      (hereinafter “raw and living foods”) for the consumption of Family Community members as
      well as for distribution and sale to the public;
    • manufacturing, selling, and distributing raw and living foods products;
    • acting as a model and example of divine social economics through the design, manufacture,
      sale, and distribution of natural products—including, but not limited to apparel, footwear,
      personal hygiene products, and natural household products—which are produced in a holistic
      and environmentally sustainable manner;
    • authoring, creating, and producing informational materials regarding a holistic living way of
      life, a raw and living foods diet, and divine spirituality in both written and musical format;
    • participating in and sponsoring performances, seminars and workshops, classes, panel
      discussions, lectures, radio and television programs, and any other divine forum to serve as a
      divine example and to spread the message of a holistic living way of life, a raw and living
      foods diet, and divine spirituality; and
    • engaging in any other activity, function, operation, program, or pursuit consistent with the
      perpetuation of a holistic living way of life