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Exposing the Ice-Cold, Deep-Freeze Mentality and Whole-Life Healing of Sexual Energy within the Divine Parallel (paperback)




. . . An electrifying message, a powerful book, the time of reckoning. . .

Man, He and She, originated in solarized splendor within the ancient land now called Afrika, inhabiting a garden paradise, an environment of tropical climates, lush and abundant vegetation, flowing waters, and sunshine. The original Man, He and She, harmonized with each other and their fertile environment within a sacred culture based on garden consumption as a way of life. Hence, the fruits of the trees of life are the daily consumption within the Sacred Garden Culture.

Conversely, survival in the freezing northern caves of the most recent Ice Age was a cold-blooded ordeal that corrupted the original presence of Man, He and She, due to harsh, frigid, barren environmental conditions, severe solar deprivation and toxic consumption. The icy chill of starvation, fear, misery, isolation, selfish greed and desperation fueled constant struggle as a way of life in the ice-cold, deep-freeze caves. A mutated and degenerated culture emerged from the ice-cold, deep-freeze as a culture of violence, hostile aggression and violation where killing, hunting (and later herding and enslaving), brute strength, brutality and bloodshed secured a daily meal and a means of survival as a way of life; hence, the death consumption culture.

Generations were born and bred, mutated and degenerated, and finally emerged from the ice-cold, deep-freeze, unleashing their blood-thirsty predator mentality as hunters, herders, enslavers, and vicious warring nomadic tribes. These cold-blooded invaders roamed the entire planet, murdering, raping, stealing, and taking, thereby inflicting the ice-cold, deep-freeze mentality upon the ancient Sacred Garden Culture and its solarized populations. The abundant riches and vibrant glory of the sacred garden culture became stolen legacies and spoils to plunder.

The ice-cold, deep freeze mentality festers within the death consumption culture as a plague of disorder, deterioration and destruction upon every land. Mental, physical and spiritual disorder and deterioration continue to manifest as cancer, AIDS, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, drug addiction, suicide, homicide, war, toxic waste, pollution, global warming, sexual abuse, mental illness, dysfunctional relationships, rape, incarceration, religious conflict, racism, police brutality, poverty, broken families, terrorism, and so on, threatening the existence of Man, He and She.

The Ancient Ones prophesied of a return. . .and so it has come to be. It is time to find out what is really going on from the whole life perspective that connects all the dots. It is time for divine solutions that provide a direct route forward into the divinity of the original Man, He and She.