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Fulfilling The Sacred Ancestral Prophecy Of The Triple Nine: Unveiling The Prophetic 2012 Meltdown Of The Lost And Astray Pale State Of Mind (paperback)




Warning!!! Please be advised that this text has been forwarded through the sacred ancestral codes and decodes of the Most Supreme Seen and Unseen Essence of life and Supreme Love. Be further advised that the planet Earth has entered the second phase of its shifting into the sacred ancestral prophecy of the triple nine and that this text serves to anoint the Sacred Temple of Kwa Ta Man I.Be further advised that this text would indeed be rated Triple X within the toxic parallel and thus is rated TRIPLE NINE 999 in the parallel divine.Therefore this text is for those who truly wish to resurrect the most supreme ancestral spirit presence of Man, He and She, and divine spirit consciousness within every phase of one’s existence. Thus it is a guarantee that this book is not like any other that you have seen, heard or read, and so we urge that you do not expect it to be or evaluate it the same, or you will drive yourself insane….


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