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The Holistic Living Truth About Supreme Love | Book 1: Resurrecting the Divine Body of Flesh, He and She (ebook)




There is so much misinformation about raw and living foods, so much data, analysis, and expert advice, and massive confusion reigns supreme. What is the source of this confusion? With so many religious and “spiritual” messages, ideas and concepts to fill the consciousness, why is there still so much anxiety, depression, anger, stress, tension, loneliness, apathy, alienation, frustration, and dishonesty clouding relationships with emotional storms and personal upset? How can one tap into one’s fullest potential of living? What went wrong in the first place? How does one make complete and divine change in one’s existence? What are the divine signs of the time that indicate a planetary energy shift that begins from within, starts with what you eat and continues to expand into your entire mental, physical and spiritual energy system? How can you experience the higher frequencies of life from the Most Supreme Unseen? Clear away the confusion about what you should consume once and for all.

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