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The Holistic Living Truth About Supreme Love | Book 3: Resurrecting Divine Spirit Consciousness (paperback)




Of the Most Supreme Seen and Unseen Ancestral Essence of Supreme Love came the holistic living presence of masculine and feminine energy emerging into the seen mental, physical and spiritual presence of Man, He and She. Brain, body and spirit supremely connected to our most supreme ancestry. Divine union, divine consumption in order to go forward to multiply divinity in the offspring thereby forwarding the most supreme ancestral presence continuously from the Most Supreme Unseen into the most supreme seen brain, body and spirit presence of Man, He and She. Unbending, unyielding, unable to be broken naturally and innately. What is it that would take Man, He and She, so far off track disconnected from their most supreme ancestral presence? In order to detox, purge, and heal there would need to be an exposing of the deadly opposite energy that emerged. However, one needs to comprehend the holistic living truth about supreme love regarding our most supreme ancestral spirit presence.

Copyright © 2004, 2012.  490 pages.