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The Holistic Living Truth About Supreme Love | Book 2: Resurrecting Divine Thought and Reasoning (ebook)




It is not by accident or coincidence that a time of great expectations is upon us. Man, He and She, is poised at the turning point of a massive whole life energy cycle upon the planet Earth. So many have predicted and prophesied that a time of monumental change would occur; so many have fantasized and imagined what that change would look like and how it would appear; so many have anticipated what their own part will be. The question arises: “Do you want to live? Do you desire to be alive? Do you want to ensure that the supreme spiritual essence of who you truly are as spirit continues to exist within the sacred temple of Man, He and She?” If the answer is yes, then one must consume whole life energy. The High Priest Kwatamani offers an essential key to comprehension and mental resurrection. This spiritual call is for those who are ready to enter into the whole life vibrations of divine consumption and connect with the glorious gift of life provided by our Most Supreme Creator.

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